Difference between Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction

Difference Between Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction
  • You are not alone who not getting or maintaining an erection during sex. There are a huge amount of individuals around the world who cannot maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. So the amount of ED is not ignorable
  • No one is out from the stress and anxiety of the hectic lifestyle, so ED is a common problem today. You can also take Kamagra Oral Jelly USA, Kamagra 100mg, Super Kamagra Online, etc.
  • In recent times, the sexual disorder is not only an age-related problem but also a regular problem.
  • Commonly known as ED, this sexual disorder refers to the inability to keep or maintain an erection during sex. 
  • Besides depression and stress, there are various physical reasons including neurologic factors, hormonal changes, cardiovascular problems high blood pressure, and sugar may affect your sex life.

Erectile dysfunction:

  • Some people, who do not have proper knowledge, sometimes think that erectile dysfunction and impotence are the same.
  • Both of these are sexual problems and you cannot keep an erection during sex.
  • It means you and your sex partner cannot sexually be happy in both these two conditions with difficulty in erection.
  • But you need to remember that impotence is one of the main reasons for impotence.


Impotent is one of the common and main causes of ED that mainly involves blood function in the penis, especially in Old people avoid 50 age. Sometimes, Impotence can arise due to penis injury, pelvic injury, or a venous leak; after suffering a long time from impotence, it can be turned into ED.

There are not any different risk factors of ED and impotence:  

  • Prostate problems
  • Hypogonadism
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease or heart failure
  • High cholesterol
  • Vascular disease
  • Disorders in the Nervous system
  • Anxiety, depression, stress, or
  • The problem in love or marriage Relationship
  • Alcohol consumption
  •  chronic diseases, such as kidney failure 

The difference between impotence and erectile dysfunction

  • Erectile dysfunction is also referred to as ED. In that condition, you are not aroused during sex or you can say you do not get the sex drive.
  • You should remember Impotence and ED are not entirely similar, but sometimes people become confused as their symptoms and causes are nearly the same. There are limited conditions that are different.
  • As the name stated, during the ED the sufferer cannot able to keep a sufficient erection.
  • Impotence can be found in men who lose desire or interest in sex. So it is proven when a man loses sexual attraction is known as impotence.
  • Impotence is actually the broader term of erectile dysfunction, where low sexual drive, problems with ejaculation, and orgasm can be found. 

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The treating procedure of erectile dysfunction or impotence

ED or impotence treatments are the same in that based some reasons including 

  • Lifestyle changes: reducing or quitting alcohol consumption, quitting tobacco, proper weight losing, and increasing physical activity. 
  • Reviewing your medicines: You need to change those types of ED medicines, which have the risk to create impotence, after that it may lead to ED. 
  • Psychotherapy: If you realize that you have the Impotence or ED, you should hire with Psychotherapist. This process can reduce depression, stress, and anxiety because it is closely linked to sex. 
  • There are some medicines to treat ED which should be injected directly into your penis or into the urethra. It is considered a highly effective medicine in treating this health condition.
  • Testosterone therapy: Testosterone therapy is really helpful to improve energy level and mood and also reduce depression. So normally, it increases the sexual desire in that male with low testosterone levels.
  • Vacuum devices: It is a device that can create the capacity of keeping and maintaining the erection by enhancing the blood flow into the penis. So both impotence and erectile dysfunction can be removed from the body 
  • Penile implants: If other treatments cannot work, this surgical method can be the best way. Two unique types of implants are used to treat the problem.

How to reduce the ED and impotence naturally:

Start discussing with your partner about sex or other health-related and social problem

Discussing with your partner about sex or any other thing is one of the great ways to communicate about your feelings and your experience. You need to open up about your anxiety, pain, stress, boredom, and everything while discussing because these factors may affect your present sex life.

Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes

Taking nutrient-rich food like vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains helps you to enhance the blood flow and improve blood circulation all over your body including the sex organ.

A proper diet that can prevent ED:

There are various factors that enhance testosterone levels. According to the report of the survey result, changes to their regular food habit can decrease the testosterone level. You need to take proper food habit that has high saturated fats including butter, coconut oil, eggs.

Taking high-quality food or a proper diet can decrease the chances of sexual disorder. It can increase the testosterone level.


Enough sleep always makes your body free from many problems; increasing the testosterone level is one of them. The proper amount of sleep can lessen depression, anxiety, and stress. So it is directly related to increasing the testosterone level. Those who suffer from sleeping disorders must focus on getting enough sleep; otherwise different problems like decreasing the testosterone level.

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