About us

Kamagra Global is known to be one of the mass distributors of the generic drugs since a very long time. We endeavour to deliver products that are high in quality to the customers from all around the world. There is no compromise that one has to deal with before ordering anything from us. The internal and external management of the company is managed by the top pharmaceutical companies. So, people need to not worry about the services offered by us. We are known to offer the best services in the generic brands and drugs. The drugs that we deliver are known to meet the world-class standards. There are many drugs available at our website and most of them require a prescription from a doctor. This needs to be scanned and faxed to the company so that the order is processed and taken forward. All kinds of brands offered by Kamagra Global are manufactured by facilities that are approved by the World Health Organization.

Quality of the products:

At Kamagra Global, you can get your hands on high-quality products. This is because we work on getting the directions right. Every order placed with us is made with full dedication and effort. We focus on better quality of our drugs so that it can give you a better tomorrow. You should not worry about paying a high price for a quality medicine as we have got that covered. The quality of the products offered by us are quality products and have a global standard. We are highly committed towards our vision and mission for a long term success and thus we help in providing joy and comfort to people which can help them drive further in their day to day life. Our drugs are known to enrich the lives of people who are associated with us.

Standard of our service:

We have a Quality Audit Team that helps in regularly monitoring the drugs and orders placed by the customers and ensure that strict standard services apply to each one of them. There is a bunch of standard guidelines that we all need to follow in order to ensure the privacy and safety for all our customers. The standards followed by Kamagra Global gets updated every now and then.

Guaranteed low price with best value

Drugs can get every expensive and people usually end up spending a fortune on medicines. At Kamagra Global, we guarantee you that all drugs are available at their best price and provides the best quality at the same time. There are many generic and OTC drugs that are available at the cheapest price with us. We guarantee that there are no other companies that sell the same drug at a cheaper price. Drugs that are usually prescribed by the doctor end up being very expensive and we understand that not many people can afford to pay so much for their day to day medications. We believe that healthy living should not take a toll on your finances and that is why we bring to you a platform that solves all our problems.

Availability and Choice of Products

For every product that shows on our website, there is a whole evaluation process that each of these products have to go through. There is a market study associated with each product and people make sure that all parameters are applied to the product before they end up on our website. The evaluation process usually includes the product being analyzed at the manufacturing level. Majority of the products present in our website are the generic drugs have the same ingredients as their branded counterpart. Kamagra Global provides them to you at the cheapest price. The price offered by us does not compromise with the potency, purity, bioequivalence and dosage of the drug. All these generic drugs are majorly manufactured in India. India has around 74% of the manufacturing units approved by the respective authorities and is one of the leading manufacturers of the same.

Security while placing an order:

Security of the website has become a common question and people are usually apprehensive before placing an order and giving out their personal card details. Kamagra Global has hot all of that covered. Our site has an alpha SSL certificate associated with it which is a gold standard for people who place orders online. Every page on our website is SSL secured. Security is one of our major concerns when it comes to Kamagra Global and people need to not worry at all before feeding their personal information on our website.

Discreet System of Delivery

We commit to provide the best customer service and ensure that all the orders are recycled properly. Our recycling process is environment-friendly in nature and are packed in discreet boxes. There is a ton see-through packaging of the medicine which helps with the privacy of the package. Privacy is one of our major concerns.

Support to our customers

While placing an order with Kamagra Global, we can ensure the satisfaction of our clients. We have an entire team that is dedicated to provide the best services to our customers. We have a customer service team who are highly committed and can show some exceptional support if it comes down to it. There is a full-fledged testimonial page that can help in giving direction to our customers. Over the years, Kamagra global has strived to become a community which helps in enriching the lives of our customers. Our customer service is open to any suggestions, complaints or any user experience for that matter. Feedback from our customers helps in improving the experience that we have to offer.