Terms and Condition

  1. The employees and the staff of Kamagra Global do not hold any liability with the goods that are purchased by people from the website.
  2. Every customer who places an order with Kamagra should consult a doctor before placing an order. One should disclose their entire history of medical problems with their doctor. This ensures that the medicine prescribed to you by a doctor does not interfere with the present drugs or medical conditions that you are going through.
  3. All kinds of products given on the website are present for reference purpose only and can vary from the original product that a customer may receive.
  4. The price range listed on the website is in Dollars
  5. The price of the products listed below can be changed without any notice and can vary from time to time.
  6. Kamagra Global is not liable to pay any custom charge for the applied orders. We reserve the right to do so. A customer can get a full refund of the amount of the order is cancelled. The refund, in that case, will be made on the same payment mode from where the customer made the payment in the first place.
  7. The information provided with each product is quite general in nature and a customer should go through a proper doctor consultation to know if the product suits them or not.
  8. At Kamagra Global, every customer is offered right to confidentiality which helps them in protecting everyone’s privacy. The information shared by a client is only taken so that they can have full access to the website and that the customer can use the website with full convenience. Placing an order from the website requires the patient to create their own account. Creating an account will have users name and email specified in the information that needs to be provided by them. The same email is then used to provide the follow up of the placed orders.


While placing an order with Kamagra Global, there is some personal piece of information that needs to be filled. This information is safe as there is an SSL encrypted technology embedded with the website. The SSL technology that runs on the website is unbreakable and it keeps on running through the internet. The information stored in the database with SSL is impossible to store and has data stored in an encrypted form. The encrypted database is not connected to the website and is not reachable even if someone tries the hack the website.

Feedback and Comments

Any kind of feedback and comment regarding our products and business is deeply appreciated and we work constantly to make it better if there is any kind of complaints whatsoever. If there is an urgent query, dropping an email would suffice as we make sure to get back to all our mail in a timely manner.

Policies related to shipping

There is a shipping fee related to every product and depends on the weight as well as the size of the overall package. It takes a total of 10 days for orders to ship and reach the client. The amount paid by the client includes the shipping and packaging of the order placed by the client. It is therefore important for people to keep the timeline in view as the order takes a good 10 to 15 days to reach the customer.


The rates and policies of Kamagra Global can change at any time and there is no prior notice before making these changes. A customer should try to keep themselves up to date in regards to the changing rate of the products. There is a home address where people can get their products delivered. There are P.O Boxes of each state where these packages can get delivered to. If you have ordered through a military mail, it may take time and face a delay because that mail is handled by the military mail process.

Shipping Address:

The Default address where the package is shipped to is the last address where you have delivered your product with Kamagra Global. The checkout button will have an option where a user can change their shipping address. The change in the address can affect the current order placed by the customer. The drugs ordered from the website are generic drugs and are equivalent to the branded drugs. Before buying this product it is important to consult a doctor and get a proper prescription from a doctor.

Custom Delays:

Kamagra Global does not hold any responsibility for the delayed orders to the customer because of the custom delays. Any kind of delay in the order can be because of Government’s Customs Department and we have no control over that. If there is a delay in the order, kindly wait for 7 more days before requesting for reshipment of the order.

Custom Charges:

While placing an order with us you agree to pay the customs charges that apply to the parcel. Kamagra global has no control over it and not responsible for any of it.