Privacy Policy

The privacy offered by Kamagra Global is something we respect and is very important to us. We know how important personal information is and we take proper means to keep it safe. There is an explicit privacy Policy that explains everything about the use and collection of the stored private information. The Privacy Policy also explains the steps that are taken by Kamagra Global to secure the personal information of the people. It has clauses for use, collection as well as the disclosure of the data. After visiting the website of Kamagra Global, you have accepted the terms and conditions that are defined by us in this policy. The privacy policy does not state anything about the offline data or any data that is not associated with the website of Kamagra Global. Our privacy policy is strictly eligible to our website.

  1. Collection of Information: There are different ways of how Kamagra Global extracts information from you. Our goal is to have a collection of data that is meaningful, efficient and has a customized experience of its own. Having access to your personal information, helps us make it easy for you to navigate through our website. This can help the users in finding information about services and products that are useful to them without them having to for it a lot. We try and create relevant content that the user can resonate with.
  2. Order and Register yourself with us: Before going for anything else, there is an explicit online registration form. Everyone should go through this form and can ask the user for some of their personal information. This will have the name, billing address and shipping address of the person. The information will have your country which applies all the country comply rules to the user. This information is later used for billing purpose and helps the website in communicating things to the user.
  3. Email Address: There are many instances in the website that asks the user to enter their website. This enables us to notify them of the new brands that are available to us every now and then. A newsletter can be sent to all the users who enter their email address with us from time to time.
  4. Cookies and Cache saved by the website: Our website uses web beacons and cookies like many other sites does to speed up the navigation of the website. This enables Kamagra Global to track the usage of the website and have certain data stored in cache so that navigating becomes much easier.Cookies are known to be a small piece of information that is stored in your internet browser in the form of text files. There are some internet browsers that are known to accept cookies by default. This setting can, however, be changed. For people who are placing an order with us will have to accept cookies in their browser. Doing so helps us in recording the activities of the user.

      5.    Log Files: The server recognizes the IP address and URL from which you access the website every day. These are the server logs. These logs can have an IP address and a timestamp related to each request that TV is made to the server while accessing the website.

     6.  Age: We have a separate clause that respects the privacy of a child. Anyone who is under the age of 13 cannot have access to the website. People submitting information to us who are under the age of 13 will not be accepted by our website and should have their parent or guardian with them.

    7. Product Reviews: there is an explicit section where every user can submit a product review. This information is then accessible to other visitors of the website and has an email address attached to it. Any responsibility with the identification action privacy should be kept in view by the user before adding anything to the feedback panel of the website.

Security of Data

There are many electronic, physical and administrative procedures that are used to safeguard the confidentiality of the data. There is an SSL for all financial transactions made by the person. The SSL encryption, in turn, helps people in protecting the personal information provided to the website. This restricts access to your personal data. There are very few employees in Kamagra Global who will have access to your personal data. On the other hand, the information present with us offline is protected with some third party applications whose services we believe to be quite adequate. Our servers are physically secure and has an electronic firewall surrounding it. Kamagra Global can guarantee that the data present with us is safe but cannot guarantee a full 100% as it is pretty impossible when it comes to internet and information that is present in the cloud.