Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What country is the safest to get the generic drugs from?

The Manufacturing of these drugs is done in countries like India and some European Union countries. None of them are manufactured in the USA or Canada.

Are these drugs considered to be safe?

Yes, the generic drugs are considered to be absolutely safe. All these drugs go through standard testing before getting out in the market. All these drugs follow the international regulations and have the international standard when it comes to safety and quality of the product.

How can I get my hands on a drug that has a prescription?

Drugs that require a prescription before buying them needs an online prescription to be sent to them through a scanner. Only once the prescription is verified by Kamagra Global, the drug is then sent to the patient.

What should be the minimum date of expiry of a medicine?

The minimum timeline of expiry date delivered at Kamagra Global is 6 months and it works in accordance with the standard and our working policy.

If there is a specific requirement of the customer for having longer expiry dated medicine, there is a specific customer service that offers that. The requirement in such cases are explicitly mentioned by the customer.

How long should a person wait for their order to arrive after placing an order with Kamagra Global?

The timeline for customers to receive their order after placing an order ranges from 10 to 15 days if there are no additional difficulties faced in the delivery. Sometimes the delivery takes a maximum of 30 days. The extended time in the delivery is usually because the orders get hold in the customs. The delay can sometimes be because of the change in the schedule of the flights.

How can people track their order?

After placing an order with Kamagra Global, a tracking number is provided to every customer. This ID helps customers in tracking every detail of the parcel that is being shipped by a company. If the parcel is not tracked somehow, a customer can always get the support of customer care regarding the status of the order.

How can I cancel the order after I place it with Kamagra Global?

Yes, the order placed with Kamagra Global can be cancelled before it has been dispatched. If that’s how it is cancelled then the customer gets a refund of the money minus the cancellation charge. The orders if already dispatched and in the process of shipping cannot be cancelled. However, if the order is cancelled within 12 hours from placing it, the case is still taken.

What happens if I receive the wrong dosage of the medicine?

If a customer receives the wrong dosage of the medicine. He or she should immediately try to contact us. These cases are taken as priority and the right dosage of the medicine is sent to the client right away.

Why have I not received any confirmation mail even after placing an order?

The confirmation mail is usually sent to the customer as soon as the order is placed. It’s a job of a few seconds and if that doesn’t happen:

  1. One must go through their spam mails
  2. The spam mail can mark a good mail which gets whitelisted.

What if the customer has given a wrong email address?

Sometimes giving a wrong email address keeps a customer from receiving any emails regarding the status of the order. In such cases, the user might have to re-enter the entire registration process.

Why am I not able to purchase a product I saw on Kamagra Global?

There are some people who are not able to purchase certain products that are mentioned in the website. These medicines are kept off the sale because of the regulations that apply to it.

Why am I not able to make the payment through card?

There can be many reasons for it:

  1. The password entered by a person is wrong while making a payment.
  2. There are some cards that are not meant for transactions like these because they use their respective protocols. Using Mastercard Security code always keeps a person in threat for any kind of unwanted usage of the card.
  3. You do not have enough money in your account to make the transaction in the first place.

Why choose Kamagra Global?

Kamagra Global believes in delivering the best quality and services. Our time in the business has earned us some good trust which we like to keep as it is. We endeavour to sustain and level up our quality like that always.

What does the status “incomplete payment process” meanwhile placing an order?

A status like this does not confirm your order with Kamagra Global. This status means that the order is yet to be approved. The status usually changes on its own and if it doesn’t,  one should try and reach out to them.

What does the dispensing status in an order mean?

It is the status that is shown in the credit card statement of a person. One must make sure that the payment is made in the name of Kamagra Global which can then appear likewise in the statement.