How to treat impotence caused by diabetes

How to treat impotence caused by diabetes

To establish a good treatment method for erectile dysfunction, one needs to understand the relationship between Diabetes and erectile dysfunction. Worrying, will diabetes cause Ed; this article will offer suitable information for you.

ED and Body Sugar Regulation Issues

Indeed, how does diabetes affect a man sexually? How to treat impotence caused by diabetes? ED may be a culmination of diabetes. In diabetic males, the rate of ED is three times more frequent than in patients with no diabetes. Erection facilitation entails sound circulation and the lack of nerve impairment, which diabetes can bring about.

Diabetes mellitus and its effects on sexual health

The disease directly and indirectly influences the sexuality of a person in numerous ways. Therefore, the effects of diabetes on sexuality are evident. Still, compromised blood supply as well as the ability to produce an erection might be the result of a dysfunctional manner in the blood vessels and nerves which is a common complication in diabetics. Diabetes also leads to low testosterone levels, which is a cause of low sexual drive and sexual desires.

Ways through Which Diabetes Affects a Man’s Love Life

Diabetic men are thus faced with any of the following sexual concerns, including Horny tips erectile dysfunction and premature or delayed ejaculation. Some of the psychological problems that could ensue from managing such a condition include stress, worry, and sadness.

Consequently, how does type 2 diabetes affect a man sexually?  Sexual dysfunction can be a result of obesity, hypertension or cardiovascular diseases common in diabetes, especially in type 2 diabetes. Comorbid illnesses such as hypertension and dyslipidemia make the probability of having ED even higher in male clients with type 2 diabetes when they have poor glycemic control.

Medical Examination

The evaluation of diabetic males requires a detailed medical examination as a means of diagnosing erectile dysfunction. This naturally involves tests to read hormone and glucose concentrations and any other stereotypical components considered related to the case, physical examination and medical history.

Evaluation of Mental Health

In cases when there is no apparent physical cause of erectile dysfunction, a man may be referred to a psychiatrist. This may be useful in staging care planning while integrating the patient’s physiological and psychological requirements.

Treatment Procedures for Diabetes-Related Impotence Lifestyle Changes

The following is the second and more significant defence mechanism aimed at arresting modifications to one’s way of living to prevent diabetic impotence. Some possible examples of how to treat impotence caused by diabetes are:

Blood Sugar Management. One has to ensure that blood sugar levels are kept in check, as this is very crucial. Medications changes in diet and regular exercise may all help to achieve this.  Need to influence your health and improve blood flow then it is time for you to try the nutritious foods that are fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods and lean meats.

Consistent Physical exercise. There are often cardiovascular diseases present in an individual who experiences ED, and physical exercise could help alleviate them. It is also good for people to enhance blood circulation.  The general quality of erectile function and the severity of diabetes are two aspects which a healthy weight can help enhance.


Doctors commonly recommend erectile dysfunction drugs such as sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis) and vardenafil (Levitra) on the same. These medications act by the means of the enhancement of blood circulation the penis experiences.

Kamagra Oral Jelly is yet an additional treatment possibility in case of erectile dysfunction. In its oral form, it contains the sildenafil component found in Viagra. It is seen that there are few gels available in the jelly form, and some men prefer them for eating more.

Kamagra Extra, a drug sildenafil when given with another drug for ED called dapoxetine treats both ejaculation and erectile dysfunction at the same place.  One alternative that many male clients have found effective is Kamagra 100mg and Kamagra Oral Jelly this medicine contains sildenafil in the form of tablets.

ED medications alternatives

Hormone Therapy

For males, hormone replacement treatment may be recommended depending on the levels of testosterone. Gain high sexual desire and better erections might be expected. It is possible to get testosterone replacement in different forms; tablets, skin patches, injections, and topical gels among others.

Appliances for Obtaining a Vacuum Erection

A noninvasive approach that can be of help to some men to have an erection is a VED. Because of generating the necessary vacuum at the base of the penile shaft, the gadget fills the corpora cavernosa with blood required for erection. The next way of prolonging an erection continues to place a constriction ring around the lower portion of the penis.

Injections for the Penis

To cause an erection, intra-cavernosal injections release medicine that is injected directly into the penis. Papaverine, phentolamine, and alprostadil are some of the drugs, which are widely used in the treatment of the condition. Although these injections are effective for many men, they are not suitable for all of them.

Impotence Implants

Now, penile implants are done for those who have not been satisfied with previous treatments. These can be implanted in the human body after surgery and could lead to erectile dysfunction forever. There are two types of implants; over-stuffed implants or flexible implants. There are two types of implants; these are inflatable and malleable implants, these are used to provide the natural look of an erect penis and provide a constant and moderately hard feel respectively.

Mental Health Guidance

Diabetic men are notably prone to worry, despair, and interpersonal problems; thus, it only emphasizes the necessity for psycho factors in erectile dysfunction. The said issues and matters can further be addressed to improve sexual health, which entails psychological counselling or therapy. Marital therapy itself can be of two types and one of those is sex therapy the other is cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT.

Consistent Medical Examinations

Therefore, if you want the treatment to be effective and to start the therapy for any disorders like erectile dysfunction due to diabetes early, you should have check-ups frequently. It is advisable to monitor some of the primary health indicators including blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol as these could help prevent the onset of erectile dysfunction or at least, delay the process.

Decisions for the Better Physical Condition

There is a cure for erectile dysfunction, but it is best to prevent and one way of doing it is through healthy living. This includes avoiding or reducing such behaviours as drinking alcohol, smoking, lack of physical activities and eating a diet breakfast.

Dealing with Stress

Sharpen your overall well-being and reduce the impact of diabetes on your sexual desire by acquiring stand-up styles such as controlled intense breathing, meditation, and psychotherapy. Stress reduction is an aspect that ought to be treated especially in diabetes and erectile dysfunction since stress is likely to hurt the diseases.

Honest Dialogue

The improvement of the relationship and the reduction of anxiety may be done by discussing with a partner about sexual health and difficulties encountered. For diabetic patients especially those who are also suffering from erectile dysfunction, having a companion can be of great help.


The information above has responded to the question, does diabetes affect erectile? Impotence among diabetic patients is evident but it can be managed. To find effective treatments one has to find out the correlation between diabetes and erectile dysfunction. Diabetic male customers can significantly improve their sexual health and overall health status by managing their glucose levels, making changes to their daily routine, and other possible medical interventions.

Some of the drugs used in the treatment are kamagra oral jelly, super kamagra, kamagra 100 mg and other prescribed drugs while complete therapy involves a change of diet and related improvement and psychological help. To prevent and manage erectile dysfunction effectively in men with diabetes, one must: go in for a checkup regularly, adapt to healthy living, manage stress, and discuss with the partner.

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