How does diabetes cause erectile dysfunction?

How does diabetes cause Erectile Dysfunction
  • Erectile dysfunction is actually the inability to keep or maintain the firm erection to make the sex enjoyable as much as possible.
  • ED is common in men who have diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes. If you are a long-term user of diabetes control medication, then you should remember it can damage the nerves and blood vessels.

Is this common?

  • Erectile dysfunction or ED is linked with some other health condition in men. Diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, are common health problems among them.
  • Nowadays, ED is common in men of all age groups with diabetes than any normal people. Difficulty maintaining the erection can occur even before diabetes. This is a common problem.
  • Nowadays, erectile dysfunction is a real challenge. It can make you frustrated and discouraged in sexual intercourse.
  • So you need to take proper treatment to prevent this problem- get back to healthy sexual life.

What does the research say?

  • It is estimated that approx 35% to 75% of diabetics will experience a sexual disorder like ED or erectile dysfunction.
  • The causes of ED in a diabetic patient are one of the complex issues. Weakness in nerve, muscle function, and blood vessels are involved with it.
  • To get a proper erection, most men need healthy blood vessels, proper functioning nerves, high-level male hormones, and interest in sex.
  • But you should remember, Diabetes has the capacity to damage the blood vessels and nerves that involve in sex.
  • If blood vessels and nerves cannot work properly, despite the male hormone being normal, you cannot achieve a firm erection.

What causes ED in men with diabetes?

  • If the underlying condition of ED is diabetes, its treatment often prevents this health condition from getting worse.
  • Some diabetes drugs can make ED worsen. Diabetes has the capacity to damage the blood vessels and nerves which control the erection and help to keep and maintain an erection.
  • If you also have normal amounts of male hormones in your body and will not allow you to achieve a strong erection.
  • You are suffering from erectile dysfunction want to get relief by practicing natural remedies, you can try these tips.

Risk factors for erectile dysfunction

There are various risk factors for Erectile Dysfunction, including

  • Hypertension
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • cardiovascular disease
  • diabetes mellitus (DM),
  • lower urinary tract symptoms
  • metabolic syndrome
  • Depression

If you can address the risk factors that can be corrected, you can improve your overall health, which will help extend your lifespan.

Diagnosing erectile dysfunction

  • The physical exam and giving the medical history are all that are required for medical practitioners to diagnose ED and recommend a treatment.
  • If you are a sufferer of any chronic problem, sometimes your physician suspects that it is involved with the underlying condition of ED.
  • So you might need tests or medical examinations.
  • Sometimes doctors recommend careful examination of your penis or another sexual organ.
  • For that, you have to go through several physical exams, blood tests, Urine tests, Ultrasound, Psychological exams, etc. You can also use Kamagra Oral Jelly for sale, Kamagra 100 tablets, Super Kamagra online, etc.

How to cure erectile dysfunction naturally

  • Stop smoking:

Using Tobacco or excessive smoking can narrow down the blood vessel that leads to erectile dysfunction. Smoking tobacco can crease the levels of nitric oxide in your body that signals your body to receive blood to your penis.

If you want to quit your own but you cannot give up, you can go with any therapeutic center for quitting tobacco. They have numbers of strategies to help you quit tobacco.

  • Make good lifestyle choices

if you want to keep away from diabetes, you have to change few things in life. You should try these to improve your erectile dysfunction symptoms.

  • Lose excess pounds.

Being fat or having excess weight can cause erectile dysfunction. So focus on reducing the excess weight. Proper diet and regular exercise help you a get proper weight.

  • Get active:

Physical activity always helps lessen the underlying conditions that play a lead role in erectile dysfunction. To be active, you need to add some workout or physical activity to your daily routine. There are various ways, including reducing the stress that helps to be active. It helps you both losing weight and enhancing blood flow.

  • Limiting the alcohol consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption leads to erectile dysfunction. If you drink a huge amount of alcohol, try to limit your alcohol consumption. You have to do it in moderation. For healthy adults, one drink a day is enough.

  • Control your blood sugar through your diet

Good food habits can lower the chances of ED. So you should maintain a healthy diet chart that can be decorated with fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and fish. Some amount of red and processed meat along with refined grains can decrease the possibilities of ED. If you have diabetes, you need to get a diabetes-free diet that helps you to decrease the diabetes level and also help you to keep and maintain the erection

  • Get more sleep

Adequate sleep always frees the body from many problems. Sexual disorders are removed from the body by the proper amount of sleep. Those who suffer from sleeping disorders must have enough sleep, otherwise, this problem will increase.

  • Keep your stress level down

Stress is considered as the poison for diabetes, so you always keep your stress level down, if you are diabetic. Having erectile dysfunction also helps you. Stress makes your mind disturbed. It affects your sexual life. It also affects you and your partners, as healthy sexual life helps you to maintain your lifestyle problem-free, anxiety-free and healthy.

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