10 Sicknesses That Can Wreck a Man’s Sex Life

10 Sicknesses That Can Wreck a Man’s Sex Life
  • Some many factors and sicknesses impact a man’s sex life a lot. Stress, depression, and some chronic conditions usually interfere with your sexual ability. Apart from these bad habits, an unhealthy lifestyle may also lead to sexual problems that keep you maintaining the proper erection.
  • Treating underlying sickness and making some changes in an unhealthy lifestyle can help you to improve your sex life.
  • You can cure Erectile Dysfunction in Men by using ED treatment medicines like Kamagra 100, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Kamagra Polo, Kamagra Gold and etc.

Heart Disease

  • The health of your heart and sexual health are deeply interconnected. Any physical problem due to narrowing the arteries can affect your sex life and result in Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Heart disease often results in inadequate blood supply to the Penis, which can be a clear contributor to Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Heart disease can cause high blood pressure, which can disrupt sexual life.
  • This means, treating heart disease and high blood pressure can improve your sexual life.


  • Diabetes can also be a significant risk factor for healthy sexual life as this health condition may affect both nerves and blood vessels, which are extremely vital for maintaining an erection during sexual performance.
  • A study of 15 years before has shown that men with diabetes had four times more erectile Dysfunction than men without diabetes.
  • Treatment of diabetes often involves a combination of proper medication and a healthy lifestyle. Again these methods can be an essential part of your ED treatment.
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  • Both cancer and cancer treatment can lead to ED or other sexual disorders. Many times men with cancer have problems with sexual arousal and ejaculation.
  • Again, the treatment of cancer affects patients’ desire for sex. Some sex-related side effects continue after the treatment. Treatment of prostate cancer in men can affect the quality of sexual intimacy.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

  • MS or Multiple Sclerosis may damage the nerves, or vain those are running your spine.
  • If this health condition occurs in your body, it may affect both the ability to arouse and reach orgasm.
  • Besides this, MS also can create mood swings, fatigue, low self-esteem, etc. these all symptoms can affect your sex life.
  • If any man with MS realizes any difficulty of sexual performance should talk you his doctor immediatelyIf this issue can be addressed quickly, you can improve your sex life.


  • Depression is another factor that may create a negative impact on a man’s sex life.
  • Men with depression may all-time sad, irritable, and hopeless. They also tend to lose their interest in sex; It interferes with their sexual life.
  • This libido loss can make it harder for the brain to produce erections. Other emotional issues like anxiety, stress are also creating ED or erectile Dysfunction. Even if frustration, depression, or other feelings do not affect your sex life, you should tell your doctor if you feel sad, annoyed, guilty, and anxious. Many counselors specialize in men’s health and wellness.

Sleep Apnea 

  • A recent study from Mount Sinai Medical Center, NY, states that men with sleep apnea should have a higher risk for erectile Dysfunction.
  • Sleep apnea is a condition that can create difficulty in-breath and reduce the amount of sleep during the day.
  • These two conditions may be linked to each other because difficulty breathing during sleep can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and chronic fatigue.
  • “The good news is that treating sleep apnea with medication can definitely improve erectile Dysfunction”.


  • If you have rheumatoid arthritisthere is a possibility to have another health problem that may cause you anxiety.
  • Sometimes, systemic inflammation can create some problems like rheumatoid arthritis, which can be linked with erectile Dysfunction.
  • It may be that this disease can cause inflammation in the small blood vessels of the penile, which can prevent erection.
  • Treatments that are available to improve rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions can cause chronic inflammation that affects your sexual health as well as overall health, also helping to reduce erectile Dysfunction or other sexual disorder. Know more at Kamagra Global.
  • Some bad habits affect our sexual life.

Don’t smoke or use tobacco

  • We all know that smoking or using excessive tobacco is a harmful habit, leading to mouth, throat, or lung cancer.
  • Not only that, but it may also cause ED or Erectile Dysfunction. If you have any heart problems, smoking or taking tobacco can increase the problem more than previously.
  • Smoking affects blood circulation to the Penis and also affects the ability of erection.
  • Due to this reason, now male smokers are at risk of developing Erectile Dysfunction, regardless of their age or are underlying any medical conditions.


Drink excessive Alcohol can hurt our sex life, as it can affect the production of male hormones. It can create erectile Dysfunction. And also, heavy alcohol consumption creates infertility. Unhealthy alcohol drinking can also encourage disorders in sexual behavior.

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Balanced diet 

A balanced diet or proper nutrition is very closely related to Erectile Dysfunction. Our body needs approximately 40 different nutrients to maintain good health, not from the same sources. So we need to take a variety of nutrient-rich foods. We must keep plenty of carbs, vitamins, protein, and a perfect amount of fat in our daily food selection, which we can get from various green leafy vegetables, fruits, dairy products. Healthier food choices will allow you to prevent a variety of diseases. These all may increase the ability of erection and improve sexual power.


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