Sildigra 100mg (Sildenafil Citrate)

Sildigra 100mg (Sildenafil Citrate) - 100mg

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Sildigra 100 About

Sildigra 100mg tablets have specifically been appointed as the healing remedy for all issues related to sexual performance in men. It has shown to be profoundly usable in the therapy of conditions that are correlated with penis erections (expanding and maintaining) and various other sex complexities.

This tablet sildenafil citrate medicine has been supporting guys in resuming their usual sexual intercourse and this tablet further lengthens the duration of a man’s sensuality concourse.

This pill has been produced with the same ingredient as its branded rival medicines that can be accessed in the stores.

Sildigra 100 Uses

Sildigra 100mg pills are majorly being used as the method of avoiding erectile dysfunction (failure to maintain a satisfying erection to perform sexual intercourse) in men.

However, consultation with a sex specialist is important for appropriate dosage and scheduled prescriptions of This Oral tablets.


Sildigra pills are available in the doses of 100 mg tablets that are meant to be consumed easily just with a sip of water and it is going to begin its work as quick as 15 minutes after it has been orally consumed.

It shall be noticed that foods that are rich in oil or fats will slow down the process of medicine in the body.


Overdosing on Sildigra 100 mg tablets can be lethal when it comes to your health. Such tablets are not meant to an overdose at any cost. Overdosing means a fatal health risk.

Although it is a rare case scenario where a man has overdosed on such tablets as they need to be consumed only sometime before sex.

However, if an overdose has been observed it is strictly advised to seek abrupt medical help as delay may be too risky.

Missed dose

If you have been consuming this tablet on a schedule-based prescription you shall be always attentive to the daily timings of your dose. However, if the time for your upcoming dose has approached and you want to take the missed dose, in that event the missed dose shall be skipped.

Since having two doses will result in overdosing, it may prove to be hazardous for your health.

How does it work

Sildigra tablets are known to work by increasing the flow of blood into the male reproductive system. By consuming these tablets the nerves of the penis expand, hence increasing the flow of blood to the male reproductive organ.

When the penis receives an adequate amount of blood the erections start to take place resulting in prolonged and satisfying sex.


Sildigra 100 mg pills come with a set of precautions that need to be taken while you have been prescribed to take them. Such pills must not be overdosed on, needs to be taken at the appropriate time, needs to be consumed with proper food and diet.

These pills have been specifically created for the use of males. In all cases, these pills need to be kept away from the reach of children, women, and boys who are under 18 years of age.

Temperature above 25 degrees can be harmful to the pills, hence resulting in a risk to your body.

Alternate Medication:

There are also other doses that are most popular as Kamagra oral jelly. Check those doses below:


Such are the warnings mentioned by most of the consumers that buyers of SIldigra drug needs to be wary of:

  1. leukemia has been observed by consumers of these drugs
  2. a peptic abscess will be observed by some patients
  3. one needs to keep himself away from hemophilia
  4. hemorrhaging problems are known to occur in some people
  5. liver diseases may befall if you drink too much booze
  6. red blood cell may start to decrease and needs immediate attention
  7. sensitivity problems in certain parts of the body
  8. some people may suffer from sickle cell disorder
  9. the problem will start to take place in the heart rate as it may start to be irregular.
  10. myeloma will be seen by some consumers of the drug
  11. renal afflictions will start to happen after too much consumption of the Sildigra pills
  12. high or low blood pressure will be seen at any time in any consumer of this drug
  13. Peyronie’s infirmity
  14. coronary infarction requires to be put yourself away from
  15. anemia like problems will start to occur
  16. some may witness coronary canal infirmity
  17. deficiency in the penis
  18. retinitis pigmentosa
  19. Few men have had a cardiac arrest

Side Effects:

Here are some of the side effects of consuming Sildigra 100 mg tablets

  1. redness on several parts of the skin
  2. tingly response to touch will be observed
  3. Headaches will prevail in many men who consume these pills
  4. dizziness will be seen in some men who work for late hours
  5. abnormal perception of surroundings will be felt, make sure you consult your doctor
  6. heart attack-like symptoms may happen to some men who use this drug
  7. sweating
  8. blurred vision while looking for farthings
  9. queasiness
  10. sleep predicaments
  11. a regular upsetting abdomen.
  12. wakefulness in the body will be felt mostly
  13. differences in color eyesight
  14. severe pain in the backbones will start to take place
  15. Nosebleeding will be regular and need medical assistance
  16. Spreading of illness will become quicker than usual
  17. pain in the chest area will be seen often
  18. runny or confined nostrils in some consumers have been seen
  19. irregular blood pressure in some men
  20. muscle soreness


1. Who should take Sildigra 100 mg Tablet (Sildenafil Citrate)?

Sildigra Pill must be consumed by men who are undergoing issues related to sex. It assists in getting rid of Erectile Dysfunction.

2. When should you take sildenafil?

Sildenafil tablets must be taken at least an hour before having sex

3. Is Sildigra 100mg tablet safe?

Yes, it is safe

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